Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Teen/youth issues

Individual: Young people, from middle school through college, face a lot of pressure maturing in our uncertain world. I offer individual counseling to teens and young adults to help make life transitions smooth and successful. For the younger clients we play card, board, and therapy games as we talk about important issues.

Academic Pressure and Anxiety: They often have anxiety about achievement in high school, opportunities in college, career options, and being successful. I offer therapy in overcoming test or performance anxiety, preparing for SATs, college entrance exams, interviews, and presentations. Managing your anxiety when preparing and participating is a big part of scoring high or passing.

Making Healthy Choices: I work with young people to help them make healthy decisions about friendships, dating, academic achievement, and family relationships. I draw upon the strengths that each young person has in order to choose good values and not be influenced by peer pressure. We explore ways to enjoy these years and avoid difficulties such as substance abuse, dangerous activities, depression, and sexual promiscuity.
Divorce Recovery: Research finds that Young people who have experienced their parents divorce have more anxiety, depression, and anger. Judith Wallerstein (2000) with Lewis and Blakeslee did a 25 year landmark study beginning in 1971 and conducted with Marin County families*. They found that it’s in young adulthood that children of divorce suffer the most. The impact of divorce hits them most cruelly as they go in search of love, and commitment. Their experience of divorce badly hinders their search and success at intimacy. Therapy provides an intervention as I help a young person heal from the pain of divorce, overcome insecurities, learn to form more satisfying relationships, and be prepared for success in marriage.  
*Wallerstein, J., Lewis, J., Blakeslee, S., (2000) The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce. New York: Hyperion
Grief and Loss: I help young people process through the loss of a parent, grandparent, relative, or friend. From my training and work at suicide prevention, I’m able to help individuals who are experiencing tragic loss as well. I also help with loss related issues such as a broken relationship, missed opportunity, or move and school change.
Healing from Abuse:  I have gained experience working with young people who have suffered neglect or abuse. My approach is gentle and I always make sure the young person feels safe. Much of my treatment is teaching life skills and fostering an improved self-esteem.
Parents: I help parents adjust to their children becoming teenagers, growing up, moving out, starting their own lives, or leaving for college. 
Family: Sometimes I view the problems as a dynamic of the family relationships and suggest treating the family. In my experience, young people who learn to open up to a therapist tend to begin to open up to their parents more and the family experiences better communication.

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